Smart Link: Empowering Payroll Excellence

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Employee Onboarding

You can onboard your employees directly from the HR dashboard. Regardless of your workforce size, you can import, add, and auto-sync employee details in seconds. You can accelerate employee onboarding with pre-made salary templates, making the process more efficient and seamless.

Effortless Data Management

Smart Link Payroll App simplifies the onboarding process by allowing you to easily input, import, and manage employee data through an intuitive HR dashboard. Say goodbye to manual data entry and paperwork, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Customizable Salary Structures

Tailor salary components, allowances, deductions, and benefits to align with your company's policies using our app. This ensures accurate payroll calculations and compliance, providing employees with transparent and personalized compensation details.

Automated Document Collection

Streamline the collection of essential documents such as tax forms and agreements. Smart Link Payroll App automates this process, securely storing documents in one accessible location and reducing administrative overhead.

Timely Approvals and Notifications

The app facilitates automated approval workflows, ensuring prompt manager reviews for new hires. Real-time notifications keep employees engaged and informed about their onboarding progress, tasks, and company updates.

Seamless Integration and Training

Smart Link Payroll App seamlessly integrates with your existing HR and accounting systems, eliminating data duplication and ensuring consistency. Comprehensive training and dedicated support resources empower your HR team and employees to navigate the onboarding process with confidence.