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Employee Directory

Explore our comprehensive Employee Directory, designed to help you easily find and connect with your colleagues.Smart Link's directory provides a user-friendly platform for accessing employee profiles, contact information, and organizational details.

Key Features

  • Search and Filter: Quickly search for employees by name, department, or position, using intuitive filters.
  • Profile Details: View detailed employee profiles, including contact information, job title, and team affiliation.
  • Interactive Org Chart: Navigate through the organizational hierarchy using an interactive and visually appealing org chart.
  • Direct Messaging: Initiate direct messages to colleagues within the directory, promoting seamless communication.
  • Department Listings: Access department-specific listings to find colleagues within specific teams.


  • Efficient and convenient access to employee information, fostering collaboration and networking.
  • Streamlined communication through direct messaging, reducing the need for email or external platforms.
  • Enhanced team collaboration and coordination, especially in larger organizations.
  • Increased visibility into the organizational structure, promoting transparency and understanding.
  • Improved efficiency in locating and connecting with colleagues for work-related tasks.