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Attendance Management

Efficiently track and manage employee attendance with our Attendance Management feature. Smart Link offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies attendance recording, provides clock-in and clock-out functionality, and empowers companies to customize attendance rules according to their specific needs.

Key Features

  • Clock-In and Clock-Out: Employees can easily clock in and clock out using the app, ensuring accurate time recording.
  • Real-Time Attendance: Supervisors can view real-time attendance records and monitor employee hours worked.
  • Customizable Rules: Companies can set their own attendance rules, such as late arrival policies and overtime thresholds.
  • Manual Edits:Authorized personnel can make manual adjustments to attendance records when necessary.
  • Leave Integration: Attendance records seamlessly integrate with the leave management system for accurate leave calculations.
  • Notifications: Employees receive notifications for clock-in reminders and attendance-related updates.

Customization for Your Company

We understand that every company has unique attendance policies. With Smart Link's Attendance Management, you have the flexibility to tailor attendance rules to match your organization's requirements. Whether it's defining grace periods, managing break times, or handling shifts, our platform adapts to your needs.


  • Accurate and automated attendance tracking, reducing manual errors and time theft.
  • Streamlined supervisor oversight with real-time attendance records.
  • Increased compliance with customized attendance rules and policies.
  • Enhanced employee accountability and punctuality.
  • Seamless integration with leave management and payroll for comprehensive workforce management.
  • Efficient time management for HR personnel with manual edit capabilities.